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Quality Singles is an online singles site designed to help you meet singles online. Read our fun and in-depth reviews on singles sites, personal ads services and online dating services. Plus see our dating advice & success stories.
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Click for Review provides a diverse variety of city-centric and lifestyle specific communities for quality singles to find and connect with each another. has been in the business of matchmaking since 1985 and have over 8 million members to date. The popularity and services provided by Match Maker has recently been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of Forbes' "Best of the Web" picks.

While it may be a great choice for Forbes magazine, you'll need to decide if Match Maker is right for you. We'll highlight some of Match Maker's useful features as well as point out a few things for you to consider, so you can make the educated decision.

One of Match Maker's slogans, "by the time you meet, you know", is very fitting because this singles site is known to have the most in-depth profiles on the web. To get in on the action, follow our link and start filling out your own in-depth profile.

MatchmakerAs a new member to Match Maker, you'll have over 20 opportunities to provide brief answers or long-winded essays to questions. Answering them is optional so you'll have to decide how much or how little to reveal. But this is also your first opportunity to either impress them with your intellect or keep the mystery going with good short answers that leads to other questions. There will also be multiple-choice questions on things such as your hairstyle, your lifestyle, and so on.

Even though we stated that it is optional to answer the essay questions, it may still discourage some singles from signing up. On the other hand, the power of having comprehensive personal ads is an excellent way to gain insight and gauge the compatibleness of a person's shared interests and key values. This may potentially help in quickly weeding out the wrong profiles from the truly interesting profiles.

Speaking of profiles, here are a couple of things you can do to improve your profile. First on the list is the Match Maker's voice greeting feature. It spices up the profile by allowing you to express your true personality. Another great way to snazz up a profile is to include photos. Did you know that profiles with photos get 8 times more emails? Did you also know that you could reply to emails for free? With some effort on your part, you will be well on your way to potentially meeting many fun and exciting singles in the various Match Maker communities. Diverse communities exist including New York City, Toronto, Berlin, Christian, Jewish, Big & Beautiful, Alternative, Nudist, and many more.

One drawback of Match Maker is they carry banner advertisements. Luckily, there is only one banner and it only resides on your homepage. Beyond that, MatchMaker is really user-friendly. There is a navigation toolbar on top of every page allowing for easy access to where you may want to go. On your homepage, you can quickly view statistical information like the number of times your profile has been looked at, the number of times your photos have been viewed, and the number of members whose gender and sexual preference match what you are looking for.

Surely everyone is familiar with the term "You've Got Mail" coined by AOL. Matchmaker's version of that is a blinking mail icon inside the navigation toolbar. It's really hard to miss. To top it off, MatchMaker has made it easier for you to read messages from other members. Along with the message, you'll also have easy access to the sender's profile and photo. How's that for ease of use?

To browse for profiles, you'll need to use Match Maker's various search tools. There is the basic search where you can specify gender, location, age, and last visited. We found the last visited information to be quite useful because it gives a good indication on how frequently members visited the site. You tend to get better responses (or a quicker response) from a member that visits the regularly versus one that visits only once every so often.

MatchMaker also recently added a new feature called matchmarkers. Matchmarkers are useful icons that will help you quickly identify every member who shares your interests, values and passions. Lastly, even though Match Maker does not currently provide keyword searches, they do have advance searches. There are over 35 specific characteristics that can be searched on. Just remember, basic searches will generally return quite a few more profiles than advanced searches. So broaden your horizons with basic searches or zone in on great matches with Match Maker's advance search tool.

Lastly, to enjoy the full benefits at, you'll need to become a paying subscriber. Subscribers have unlimited access to the most in-depth profiles on the web. Subscribers can initiate emails with other members to say hello. See somebody online and can't wait to talk with them? Well, only subscribers can exchange instant messages with one another.

In addition, is currently offering a free 5-day full access trial! Cancel within the 5 days and pay nothing. If you decide to stay, then you'll just pay a monthly fee for your chance to make love happen.

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