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   Senior Love Can Happen

There is a senior dating myth that is holding many senior singles back from trying online dating and we are here to tell you that it is simply not true. You don't have to be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or an unseasoned young hottie to meet great people over the Internet. In fact, millions of senior singles are utilizing senior dating services to rediscover new love and fresh romance.

They are finding that these senior dating services are a convenient and effective way to meet other great senior singles. In doing so, many senior singles are finding their lives to be fuller and happier. So, don't get caught up in the myth and explore the opportunities that senior dating services has to offer.

This article talks about how seniors are using senior dating services to find love and how it has changed the lives of these two seniors for the better. Their inspirational story is a testament to their initiative and how senior dating services can effectively change the course of their lives. We hope that, by reading their story, you may find strength and conviction in your quest in finding love and happiness as a senior.

Senior Love Can Happen
By Tom Blake

Do you think love has passed you by? That once you hit age 55, 60 or, egad, 70, it won't happen to you? So, you've given up on romance altogether. Fleetwood Mac sang, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." That's good advice because meeting someone is possible at any age.

Peggy Whiteside, 74, a widow for two years, lives in central New York near Syracuse. Tom Crowley, 73, a widower for a little over a year, also lives in New York, but about an hour away from Peggy. "We were both very lonely, a really large hole in our lives," said Tom.

Without the Internet, they would have never met. Both checked out Senior Friend Finder, a site that links to many different matching sites.

"Neither of us realized when we first exchanged timid notes last August that it would fill the hole of loneliness and lead us to the wonderful love we have," said Tom.

After several e-mails, a trust developed. Real names and phone numbers were exchanged. A Sept. 4 lunch date was scheduled. "There wasn't a moment of silence – we talked, laughed and even cried – it was a wonderful first meeting. We talked for seven hours that day."

Peggy and Tom continued e-mailing and telephoning and began seeing each other weekly.

"We spent hours and hours having serious discussions on where our relationship was going and realized how deep our love had blossomed," said Tom.

They had the time to devote to each other; both are retired. Each has six children and many grandchildren. They got to know each other's families.

"We're older, our time is finite. We have 91 years of marriage between us – we've been around the block. Do we wait another four or five months to marry? Those months can be wonderful, quality time together, enjoying life."

This Saturday they will marry, followed by a honeymoon in Canada.

They will maintain both residences. "No rush to combine households," says Tom, "thus, we can maintain contact with our respective communities, churches, local friends, etc. Time to the north, time to the south, whatever floats our boat, being together in this wonderful new married and loving relationship."

Peggy and Tom hope that by sharing their story older people who are alone after losing their mates will be encouraged. Another key to their success: being close in age. Tom wasn't seeking a younger woman.

He found true love with a person older than he.

The Internet can be a useful tool in meeting a mate.

Which site is best – SilverSingles.comSenior Friend

Test more than one and try to locate someone close enough to you so that getting together in person isn't a major trip.

And as always, when meeting strangers, be careful.

Take a lesson from Peggy and Tom by proceeding slowly and cautiously. Get to know the person before a face-to-face meeting. Trust your instincts. Share with family and friends with whom you're meeting.

Now, get out there and search. And let us know what happens.

Tom Blake writes a column called "Single Again" for The Orange County Register in Southern California. He has written more than 600 columns about middle-age and senior dating, finding love, senior singles, remarriage, living together, middle age singles and yes even sexy seniors over the past nine years.

Tom's latest book: "After The Healing: A Guide Book for Widowers and Widows," is an e-book and available at his site, Love After 50.

It's easy to get started in online dating. So get things rolling today by reading our reviews of online singles sites.

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