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Pontiac dating assistance and data on pontiac singles from this site. Locate quality pontiac singles with wonderful online dating sites and internet personals.
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Online Pontiac dating has never been easier. There are tons of online dating services that can help you locate nearby Pontiac singles. This page provides singles statistics for Pontiac, MI, the state of Michigan, and the whole U.S.. Plus we provide links to join some of the most popular online dating services that are amazing places to locate Pontiac singles.

With tons of Pontiac dating options, meeting Pontiac, Michigan singles is most likely easier than you think. Pontiac has a total population of 66,337, with 29,124 available singles. Analyzing this number, we find that there are 13,393 single men in Pontiac and 15,731 single women in Pontiac.

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Pontiac Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)29,12413,39315,731
Population (15 and older)48,70323,16325,540
Population (Total)66,33732,05334,284

Interested in the most effective and convenient way to meet Pontiac, MI singles? For those interested in Pontiac dating and Pontiac personals, online dating services and singles sites are the answer. For the best chance of meeting local singles in the Pontiac, Michigan area, join these online dating services and explore the possibilities with millions of singles.

Pontiac, Michigan Population by Age

Ages 15-17*2,5511,2531,298
Ages 18-202,6721,3691,303
Ages 21-244,1832,1122,071
Ages 25-296,0542,8073,247
Ages 30-3910,5225,3165,206
Ages 40-499,1604,4544,706
Ages 50-596,1553,0133,142
Ages 60-693,4111,4731,938
Ages 70-843,3061,2232,083
Ages 85+689143546

Pontiac, MI Racial Demographics

Black or African American31,655
American Indian and Alaska Native369
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander21
Single Other Race3,923
Mixed Race2,607

Compare Pontiac, MI singles statistics to the whole state.
Michigan State Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)3,475,5131,604,8191,870,694
Population (15 and older)7,775,6033,761,8814,013,722
Population (Total)9,938,4444,871,1615,067,283

Compare Pontiac singles statistics to the whole US.
United States Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)96,148,17844,335,56651,812,612
Population (15 and older)221,148,671107,027,405114,121,266
Population (Total)281,421,906137,916,186143,505,720

If you've been searching for Pontiac singles and want to be more active in the Pontiac, MI dating scene, the top online dating service are probably for you. One of the best dating services is Yahoo Personals. Why not give them a try today, and find out just how effective they are at finding Pontiac singles. You may find that Pontiac, Michigan dating is suddenly more fun and rewarding.

*Many people in the 15-17 age group have begun dating and are interested in finding others their age to date. However, most online dating sites that we review have an 18 year old age requirement, and therefore 15-17 year olds cannot subscribe. Also, in many areas it is considered unethical and may be illegal for someone over 18 to have relations with someone under 18. We do not give legal advice, but recommend using common sense and good taste in dating, and consulting an expert if you have questions.

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This service is a useful resource for locating pontiac singles, pontiac dating and pontiac personals. Besides for the Pontiac, MI singles statistics above, we also have statistics on over 25,000 other cities. Search below to find local singles info for any other cities in Michigan or the rest of the US.

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