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This site is an online singles site made to enable you to hook up with wilmington singles online. Reviews on singles sites, personal ads services and internet dating services for wilmington dating personals.
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With lots of matchmaking options, meeting Wilmington singles is easier than you think. With 36,131 eligible singles, dating in Wilmington, DE is imaginative and fun, offering amorous couples a wide variety of possibilities. From outdoor excursions to cultural events to intimate dinners and conversation, this greater metropolitan area finds its way into your heart.

A trip to Carousel Park and Equestrian Center offers the animal lover an opportunity to enjoy natural settings and galloping good times. Riding lessons are available, and your heart will melt for the noble Clydesdales. In addition, this 217 acre park features lovely lawns and an 8 acre pond. Impress your date by packing a picnic basket with a light meal for lunch by Enchanted Lake.

To continue or begin your own outdoor date, head to Brandywine State Park for hiking and private conversation. Featuring two nature preserves--Tulip Tree Woods and Freshwater Marsh--this 933-acre park offers spectacular natural glimpses and adventure that you both will remember. Fourteen miles of trails make a Brandywine Park the perfect excursion for activity lovers and a canoe trip puts other visitors at a proper distance for intimate moments.


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Wilmington Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)36,13115,63120,500
Population (15 and older)57,04726,51830,529
Population (Total)72,66434,71137,953

Want to meet Wilmington, Delaware singles? Interested in Wilmington dating? Each of these dating personals services has millions of eligible singles. Joining these popular dating services may be the most convenient and effective way to meet local singles in the Wilmington, DE area:

Wilmington, Delaware Population by Age

Ages 15-17*3,0491,4471,602
Ages 18-203,2661,8261,440
Ages 21-243,8771,8841,993
Ages 25-295,7812,8432,938
Ages 30-3911,7935,8845,909
Ages 40-4910,4055,0125,393
Ages 50-597,3473,4253,922
Ages 60-694,7712,0442,727
Ages 70-845,3891,8243,565
Ages 85+1,3693291,040

Wilmington, DE Racial Demographics

Black or African American40,819
American Indian and Alaska Native198
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander5
Single Other Race3,542
Mixed Race1,691

Compare Wilmington, DE singles statistics to the whole state.
Delaware State Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)272,944121,128151,816
Population (15 and older)620,661296,619324,042
Population (Total)783,600380,003403,597

Compare Wilmington singles statistics to the whole US.
United States Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)96,148,17844,335,56651,812,612
Population (15 and older)221,148,671107,027,405114,121,266
Population (Total)281,421,906137,916,186143,505,720

eHarmony is a great service to meet singles matched exactly to be compatible with you. Traditional Wilmington dating and Wilmington personals do not offer the millions of members and scientific matching system available at eHarmony. So start your quest for the perfect, life-long mate by Joining eHarmony today.

*Many people in the 15-17 age group have begun dating and are interested in finding others their age to date. However, most online dating sites that we review have an 18 year old age requirement, and therefore 15-17 year olds cannot subscribe. Also, in many areas it is considered unethical and may be illegal for someone over 18 to have relations with someone under 18. We do not give legal advice, but recommend using common sense and good taste in dating, and consulting an expert if you have questions.

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This website is an informational resource for meeting wilmington singles, wilmington dating and wilmington personals. Besides for the Wilmington, DE singles statistics above, we also have stats on more than 25,000 different cities and towns. Search below to find local singles info for other places in Delaware or the entire US.

Wilmington Delaware Dating Ideas
For a more compose outdoorsy outings, take a drive to Gibraltar (Marian Coffin Gardens). As flora and fauna offer themselves for closer inspection and quite repose, you and your enamored companion may find that romance blooms as delicately and sweetly. Based on gardens of the Italian Renaissance, Gibraltar features garden sculptures and fountains that quietly insinuate themselves into your experience.

For more stylishly posh outings, the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts and the Delaware Art Museum are the ideal destinations. With over 35,000 square feet of space, the DCCA houses 26 artists' studios and seven galleries. Exhibitions include artists whose names are regionally, nationally, or internationally recognized. Such diversity means that you and your dating partner will have the opportunity to explore your artistic connection and kindle a sensual experience through artists who have arrived as international figures and others who are embarking on their artistic journey.

For a more dynamically enchanting time, try the City Theater Company or The Grand Opera House. City Theater Company promises a high wow factor with edgy, eclectic shows that will knock your socks off and the performances at The Grand Opera House never disappoint and beckons you back again and again.

If you and your new friend are ready for a bite to eat or cocktails for relaxation, head to Trolley Square, the singles hub of Wilmington. Among the numerous hot spots at Trolley Square is a fine mix of eating establishments. Toscana Kitchen and Bar is a casual restaurant that offers live music every Wednesday. Kelly's Logan House, an Irish pub established in 1864, offers music and comfortable outdoor dining. For martinis and happy hours that do not disappoint find your way to 1717 Delaware Avenue, a swank club with tasty bites and sips to spice up your ideal date.

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