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Clovis dating services and stats on clovis singles from our dating web site. Meet exciting clovis singles with first-rate online dating sites and internet personals.
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Meeting local Clovis men and women is easier than ever because there are Internet matchmaking web sites with millions of members. (Why even bother with small Clovis dating sites or Clovis personals, when they can't compete with the millions of quality people available on the Web.)

To help you hook up with Clovis people, we list data about the best dating service web sites and provide singles stats for Clovis, NM, the state of New Mexico, and the whole United States. Use the stats to learn more about your community, and join the Internet dating sites to date Clovis singles online.

With tons of Clovis dating options, meeting Clovis, New Mexico singles is likely easier than you think. Clovis has a population of 32,540, with 10,502 available singles. Breaking down this number, we find that there are 4,655 single men in Clovis and 5,847 single women in Clovis.

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Clovis Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)10,5024,6555,847
Population (15 and older)24,35911,43812,921
Population (Total)32,54015,73016,810

Looking for Clovis, New Mexico dating services? Online Clovis personals and Clovis dating services are where to start. Joining these popular dating services may be the best way to find local Clovis singles. They each have millions of eligible singles, so you are bound to find a perfect match in the Clovis, New Mexico area.

Clovis, New Mexico Population by Age

Ages 15-17*1,577722855
Ages 18-201,322645677
Ages 21-241,663893770
Ages 25-292,1791,0031,176
Ages 30-394,7642,3422,422
Ages 40-494,3312,1512,180
Ages 50-593,0771,4301,647
Ages 60-692,3441,0781,266
Ages 70-842,4549621,492
Ages 85+648212436

Clovis, NM Racial Demographics

Black or African American2,182
American Indian and Alaska Native364
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander34
Single Other Race4,928
Mixed Race1,156

Compare Clovis, NM singles statistics to the whole state.
New Mexico State Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)632,092294,496337,596
Population (15 and older)1,398,496677,967720,529
Population (Total)1,819,046891,544927,502

Compare Clovis singles statistics to the whole US.
United States Singles Statistics
Singles (15 and older)96,148,17844,335,56651,812,612
Population (15 and older)221,148,671107,027,405114,121,266
Population (Total)281,421,906137,916,186143,505,720

eHarmony is the place to be matched to the most compatible Clovis, NM singles. This dating service has millions of singles and matches you to the perfect mate using 29 key personality factors. This means Joining eHarmony may be tbe most effective way to meet Clovis, New Mexico area singles.

*Many people in the 15-17 age group have begun dating and are interested in finding others their age to date. However, most online dating sites that we review have an 18 year old age requirement, and therefore 15-17 year olds cannot subscribe. Also, in many areas it is considered unethical and may be illegal for someone over 18 to have relations with someone under 18. We do not give legal advice, but recommend using common sense and good taste in dating, and consulting an expert if you have questions.

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This site is a useful resource for locating clovis singles, clovis dating and clovis personals. Besides for the Clovis, NM singles statistics above, we additionally have statistics on more than 25,000 other cities and towns. Search below to find local singles info for other towns and cities in New Mexico or the rest of the USA.

Clovis Dating Tip of the Day: Be Funny
Break the ice and share a laugh on a first date. It is a first-class way to make someone feel comfortable around you.

Another First Date Tip: Don't Talk About Your Ex's
Your date is there to get to know you, not your ex. If you are asked about your ex's, reply with a short and simple answer and then move on to something else. Typical Clovis singles on a first date don't want to be hear all about your ex, and it doesn't matter if your ex was good or bad.

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