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Quality Singles is an online singles site designed to help you meet singles online. Read our fun and in-depth reviews on singles sites, personal ads services and online dating services. Plus see our dating advice & success stories.
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   Jeremie's Dating Story

Share something incredible with the rest of the world, you. Simply sign up with an online dating service, such as and start meeting great singles in your area. It's fun to try, easy to do, and someone out there is going to be thankful if you do. has over 500,000 members, so there are plenty that are waiting to see if you are the perfect match for them. It's not nice to make people wait! So, sign up with and discover the fun and excitement online dating services can provide.

Meeting singles online may lead to unexpected surprises. Take this story by a member from Pittsburgh named Jeremie. It describes how overjoyed he was to meet an incredible woman online and how that online encounter has made his life fuller and happier. This fascinating story can serve as an inspiration to how anyone can effectively use online dating services to meet singles for love and romance. We invite you to take advantage of the experiences shared here to inspire you in your own dating journey.

Jeremie's Dating Story
Dating Success at MetroDate

I recently got dumped by my fiancee and before we got engaged we were the best of friends. But when she unloaded that heart breaking news I was hurt so bad I thought I could never love another like I loved her and would never stop hurting and loving her.

I needed a friend in my area. I had just moved to West Virginia and my ex already found a new man and I didn't know anyone. Well I got an e-mail from asking me to sign up. I thought hey what can it hurt? Maybe I will find a friend. So I signed up.

My second time using I found a girl that shared interests with me and was near my area. So I used a token and e-mailed her. She responded within 3 minutes. Surprised as I was on how quick she got back to me, we began to talk.

The first time we talked it was really cool and we both had the feeling we would be great friends. Well we talked more and more and I even called her on the phone. We hit it off so well we felt like it was too good to be true. We had such intense feelings. We both had tingeling in our bodies and felt light headed. We talked some more and finally I couldn't hold back any longer and I said "I love you" and I felt so dizzy and warm.

She replied with the same and even felt the same feelings. It was so weird that the emotions were that strong to actually make us both feel dizzy, warm, lightheaded, tingeling, butterflies in the stomach. But both of us love feeling this way.

This is like a fantasy match. I thought that online dateing services were just big scams and were just trying to make some money. Not true at all it really does work! Atleast does! We are already fooling around with the idea of marriage and maybe even a family.

Thank you so much!!!!


– Jeremie (Pittsburgh)

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Getting started in online dating is easy. Join MetroDate right now, or read our article on getting started in online dating to get things rolling today.

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