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   Adrian and Oksana Dating Story

Share something tremendous with the rest of the world, you. Get online, sign up with an online dating service like MetroDate.com and start meeting great singles from around the world, or right in your neighborhood. It's easy! It's fun! And someone out there is going to be happy that you did.

Metrodate is a great place to start. With over a half million active members, they have plenty of eligible singles, that may be looking for someone just like you. We all know that it's not nice to make people wait, so join MetroDate.com and discover the fun and excitement of online dating.

Meeting singles online may lead to unexpected surprises. Take this story by Metrodate members Adrian and Oksana. Adrian from England and Oksana from Lativa are thrilled to have met online, and this has led to fuller and happier lives. This fantastic story is an inspiration to how you can effectively use MetroDate.com services to meet other great singles for love and romance.

Adrian and Oksana Dating Story
Dating Success at MetroDate

Dear Metrodate Services!!

I write today on behalf of myself and Oksana! We are going to suspend our membership because we have been in touch since about August 2003 and we have found a very special Love Together!!

We wrote on Metrodate site initially and then started writing through e/mail together!! Anyway on the 13th of September 2003 I flew out to Latvia, Oksana's homeland in the Balkans. We met and spent two weeks getting to know each other personally and the result of our meeting is we are now perusing a future together!!

We have fallen very deeply in Love because of the initial Metrodate contact and then e/mail contact over the week's!!! Oksana and I will see each other again in December when Oksana is coming to visit me in England!!

I/We would like to say thank you to Metrodate and we will recommend your site to others who are seeking Love and Marriage together!! She is a fantastic person! And we both deserve happiness and we are now going to make our happiness a reality!!

Thank you from us both and we wish all other Metrodate members free and paying Members good luck!! The Internet really can work if you make it as we have done!! Another success story!!


– Adrian and Oksana (England and Lativa)

For more information on Metro Date, read our MetroDate.com Review.

Getting started in online dating is easy. Why not get things rolling today? Join MetroDate right now, or reading our article on getting started in online dating.


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Please send in your own Metro Date testimonials and success stories with other online dating services. We would love to publish more true testimonials on Quality Singles for our readers enjoyment and enlightenment.

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