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   SmartChick00101 and Benjamin33 Dating Story

Is online dating too much of a good thing? Is it the miracle fixer-upper, the inseparable match or the ultimate catch? There are no promises when it comes to online dating, just a proven track record. Proven by the number of active members and the number of success stories. have over 2 million active members and a long list of success stories. Stories about amazing attraction and ever lasting love.

Please read this wonderful success story by SmartChick00101 and Benjamin33 about how they met through It�s the ultimate love story about their experience and the commitment they�ve made to each other. Their successful experience with the services available at is truly inspiring. We wish you the best in your finding your ultimate love story. Please come back and share your experience and success story with us and with other singles like yourself. We love to hear from you!

SmartChick00101 and Benjamin33 Dating Story
Dating Success at

Hi, I was smartchick00101. I just wanted to say thanks for your site. I joined last year, but became a paid member early this year. Shortly after full membership, I got in touch with someone who lived 300 miles away.

That was back at the beginning of February 2003. We talked for 3 weeks on instant messenger, telephone and texts, being a cynic, I never in a million years thought that we would meet. One day, jokingly, we said we would meet up for a drink... We agreed that if we didnt like each other we would just be good friends.

His photo on the net was hardly flattering and I didnt think that I would find him physically attractive at all.

We met, and WOW (and I never even believed in this).... it really was love at first sight. He was drop dead gorgeous, and even more surprising he felt the same way about me. It was THE most romantic night of my life, ever.... By Monday at work I was bouncing off the walls...

We talked every day, and from that initial first weekend, we would travel 300 miles every single weekend to be with each other. Within three months, we were inseperable, the goodbyes were just too hard on a Sunday (even though we would communicate every day during the week), so six weeks ago, he gave up his gorgeous flat by the sea, a fantastic job, and moved in with me 300 miles away.

He has asked me to marry him, I have said yes, and really do believe that I have met the man of my dreams. I didnt believe in any of this, and to be honest, only did it for a laugh. I almost certainly did not expect to meet my future husband.

Many many thanks. We plan to marry in May of next year. Without you, I am sure we would never have met. This is the reason that I no longer needed your services...

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