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   The Reward of a Lifetime

Online dating services, including, continue to grow at an amazing pace because they achieve so much success. To share the joyful results achieved and useful knowledge gained by former users of singles sites, we've collected various online dating success stories on Quality Singles.

Read the article below, The Reward of a Lifetime, the true story of online dating success from a member. Reading the experiences on how was successfully used can inspire and educate new members to learn how to use online dating services more efficiently and achieve your goals.

Match.comTrue Story: The reward of a lifetime
By Carol and John

John is on the shy side, and that's one reason that worked so well for him. He felt much more comfortable meeting on the keyboard at first. I'm more outgoing but wanted to take things slowly and felt would be a great venue for that.

I met quite a few interesting men and remain friends with a few of them. But I contacted John first. CoupleWe emailed and chatted online eventually lost touch. I found out later that he was involved in some charity affair, and all his free time went into that. During that time, I met someone else and started dating. Just when I was thinking of ending that relationship, John contacted me again.

Because I was "involved" (I only date one man at a time), John and I had a chance to chat and get to know a little about each other. He even helped me through the disappointment of having to end my dating relationship. Little by little, we grew friendly; I was actually encouraging him to ask someone else out!

I listened to his anticipation and waited to hear how things went. He later told me he had more fun with me on email then he did with her. Later John asked if I knew anyone like me that he might ask out. Of course, my answer was, "Yes, me!" We made a date to meet for dinner.

The night before our date, I had to cancel because I got sick. We postponed for another week, but it was well worth the wait. I got there first and was watching through a small window in the door. When I saw him come up the walk, I was so pleased. I had seen his picture, but in person, he was much more handsome.

It actually took him a month to kiss me, but once he did, I knew. We were married almost four years to the day since we first met in person. He encompasses the phrase "good things come to those who wait." I waited a lifetime, and John's my reward.

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