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   I Felt Like a Schoolgirl Again

Online dating services, including Match.com, continue to grow at an amazing pace because they achieve so much success. To share the joyful results achieved and useful knowledge gained by former users of singles sites, we've collected various online dating success stories on Quality Singles.

Read the article below, I Felt Like a Schoolgirl Again, the true story of online dating success from a Match.com member. Reading the experiences on how match.com was successfully used can inspire and educate new members to learn how to use online dating services more efficiently and achieve your goals.

Match.comTrue Story: I felt like a schoolgirl again
Dating Success at Match.com

As a divorcee of 20 years, I spent decades dating completely inappropriate men before I gave up and decided to stop dating altogether. Bruce (my husband) went through the same thing. I decided it was time to meet a man just to be friends with and joined Match.com. Bruce's profile was the very first one I received, and to be honest, I wasn't that thrilled: but I've been accused of being too picky, so I decided to write him anyway. What could it hurt?

Match.com CoupleBruce was closing his subscription when he received my message. It took him several days to write me back.

We spoke on the phone and planned to meet that coming Saturday morning at Starbucks. I had arranged my schedule so I would only have an hour to meet with him (one of the many tricks I've learned from years of dating).

I first saw Bruce from a distance and was pleased: He was nicely dressed, on time, had a great smile, and the biggest initial blast was his incredibly blue eyes. It was definitely chemistry at first sight.

I'm not the type to get nervous, but I felt like a schoolgirl and couldn't stop staring at him. The hour rushed by. I left but couldn't stop thinking about Bruce. I called him and asked if he would see me again later that evening, and he said yes.

Bruce has been a perfect gentleman since the day we met. Things progressed quickly, but it felt like we had known each other all our lives. We're both long-time divorcees, professionals, in our late 40s: we knew what we wanted. Twenty weeks later we were getting married in Oregon in front of my family and his children.

From the beginning, whenever I introduced Bruce to friends, they all said the same thing: Bruce and I were going to get married. In the first couple of weeks, I knew I was going to be with Bruce for the rest of my life, and he felt the same.

I never thought I would fall in love again, and at 47 I had certainly given up that dream. What a wonderful surprise at this stage in my life. I am now stepmother to three teenagers (I have no children of my own). We just bought a beautiful oceanview home and look forward to the rest of our lives together. Bruce is the love of my life, and I am his – unquestionably.

I tell everyone we met on Match.com and encourage all my girlfriends to check it out.

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It's easy to get started in online dating. So get things rolling today by Joining Match.com or reading our article on getting started in online dating.


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We're interested in publishing more testimonials and online dating success stories on Quality Singles. If you have an online dating success story to share with us and our readers, we'd love to hear from you.

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