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   We Have so Many Similarities

Online dating services, including, continue to grow at an amazing pace because they achieve so much success. To share the joyful results achieved and useful knowledge gained by former users of singles sites, we've collected various online dating success stories on Quality Singles.

Read the article below, We Have so Many Similarities, the true story of online dating success from a member. Reading the experiences on how was successfully used can inspire and educate new members to learn how to use online dating services more efficiently and achieve your goals.

Match.comTrue Story: We have so many similarities
Dating Success at

Jessica emailed me after seeing my profile on I emailed her back once with a short description of myself and my phone number.

Two days later she called me, I missed her phone call but called her back as soon as I heard the message. We spent almost two hours talking on the phone that night. We hit it off even before meeting face-to-face. CoupleIt seemed our personalities were in sync. She love to cook and so did I. She owned a small poodle, I owned a small Pekingese. Our spiritual beliefs were the same. We both cared deeply about the environment and outdoors. We also both happened to be big fans of the television show "Felicity." Most importantly, our values, ambitions and feelings for each other are shared.

We went on our first date at a local coffee shop just a few days later. The initial nervousness lasted very briefly and we were soon laughing and holding hands, despite her parents suspicion that I may have been an axe murderer! I met them two days after our first date and put there minds at ease.

We have been together everyday since. We laugh together, share in life together and are both finally happy with life. We met in February and were married in June. We did not need to wait, we knew we had found love.

Our families supported our decision to marry so soon and our lives have grown ever better since committing ourselves to each other.

We hope to own our very own coffee shop one day and are currently pursuing graduate degrees to prepare us for this venture. Without we would not have otherwise met. We both lived in the same city but seperately for 23 years...but thankfully we were able to meet. We have a wonderful and exciting life together and we are just getting started!

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We're interested in publishing more testimonials and online dating success stories on Quality Singles. If you have an online dating success story to share with us and our readers, we'd love to hear from you.

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